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本系列作品 2021 年展出於波蘭國際琥珀協會藝廊
The work series were shown in the Gallery of International Amber Association
, Gdańsk, Poland in 2021

琥珀之路 The Amber Route


This exhibition is originated from the Amber Award in Joya Barcelona Jellwerly and Objects, 2020, and the ambers are provided and sponsored by Art Gallery IAA Poland.

本系列名為《琥珀之路(Amber Route)》,引自波羅的海琥珀曾經如同亞洲的絲綢,作為黃金的交換物在歐洲扮演的商貿角色,據傳當時將波羅的海的海琥珀運輸到佛羅倫斯,便可交換等重的黃金。這條自羅馬時代開始,由北向南的商貿之路,因而被稱作琥珀之路或黃金之路,是古代東歐國家由北往南進行貿易的重要路線。我並未親自踏上這條道路,但卻因為琥珀獎的因緣開始理解海琥珀的旅行,在遠古的芬蘭森林滴下的樹脂,變成化石之後被海洋掏洗出來,飄洋過海抵達波羅的海沿岸,再被拾起、打磨,變成黃金一樣珍貴的東西運往南方。這場旅行令我產生了許多想像,我希望自己的作品也能像琥珀的旅行一樣,帶給觀者移動的想像。

This series is named “Amber Route,” as the sea ambers from Baltic sea used to be like the silk from Asia, traded for gold in Europe.  It is said that the Baltic amber can be exchanged for the same weight of gold in Florence, and this trading road is called the “Amber Route” or “Gold Route”.  It is one of the important southbound trading routes for East European countries. I never set my foot on the road myself but I begin to understand the journey of Baltic amber because of the Amber prize.


This creation is divided into two series, one is silver and amber as the main material. Thru adjusting the movable metal structure, the wearer can choose the looks of the work.  I imagine going on a journey from the north to the south, every fork in the roads can be picked but all lead to the same destination.




Another series will mainly use brass, asphalt, and amber to create, because I want the work to be more close to roads and the smell and the texture of raods.

藝術 當代首飾 金工 Art, Contemporary jewellery, Artist, Metalsmithing. Yuchen Tseng. Tseng Yuchen.

<The Amber Route>, 2021,
Amber, silver alloy, stainless steel, brass, copper

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Photo Created by Anna Han

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