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2018 - 2021 
本系列作品將在11月於莫斯科 Winzavod Contemporary Art Center 展出
The work series will be shown in Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow in November 2021

藝術 當代首飾 金工 Art, Contemporary jewellery, Artist, Metalsmithing. Yuchen Tseng. Tseng Yuchen.

連動效應 Linkage Effect



Starting from the idea of the layers of routes, I combine and lay the various records captured from GPS and the imaginary routes together, and use the spots to show the interaction and overlapping scenes in life from daily routes. 

<連動效應 Linkage Effect > 2018-2021,黃銅

<Linkage Effect> 2018-2021, Brass

<連動效應 Linkage Effect_Life Time> 2021,黃銅

<連動效應 Linkage Effect_Longitudinal Line> 2021,黃銅

<Linkage Effect> 2018-2021, Brass

<連動效應 Linkage Effect> 2018,黃銅

<Linkage Effect> 2018-2021, Brass

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