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本系列作品首飾部分 2020 年展出於西班牙馬德里裝飾藝術博物館
The work series were shown in Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas,Madrid , Spain in 2019

藝術 當代首飾 金工 Art, Contemporary jewellery, Artist, Metalsmithing. Yuchen Tseng. Tseng Yuchen.

地方/非地方 Places / Non-Places

在人文地理學者Yi-Fu TuanDavid Seamon的空間觀點中認為:透過行為的反覆,規律的慣性活動,可以將非地方轉化為地方。然而相較於家園、居住地等對個人有特殊意義的「地方(Place)」,道路被視為無記憶質量的「非地方(Non-Place)」。本系列創作便是以此觀點作為提問及探索起點,使用路徑及動態機構兩種方式探索地方與非地方之間的關係,並以胸針系列組 <非地方到地方 Non-Places to Places> 與動態裝置 <時間慣例 Time-Space Routine> 呈現。


In the spatial view of human geographers Yi-Fu Tuan and David Seamon, it is believed that non-places can be transformed into places through repetitive behavior and regular inertial activities. However, compared to "Places" that have special meaning to individuals, such as homes and places of residence, roads are regarded as "Non-Places" with no memory quality. The creation of this series is based on this point of view as a starting point for questioning and exploration, using paths and dynamic mechanisms to explore the relationship between places and non-places, and the brooch series group <non-places to places> and dynamics The installation <Time-Space Routine> appears.

<非地方到地方 Non-Places to Places>


Arriving at a new temporary residence, once you start to move, a new path is formed. The various departures and returns starting from the residence are gradually like spiders forming webs, turning this unfamiliar area into a place with the breath of individual life. For me, a place is not only the field or space of the home where I live, but also refers to the various routes moved from this point and the life circle formed by it. And these places that carry the memories of daily life are portrayed by repeated movements. In this series, these detours are constructed on the basis of regional maps or roads and made into a partially detachable brooch set.

<非地方到地方 Non-Places to Places>  2019,黃銅、不銹鋼、銀合金

<Non-Places to Places>  2019, Brass, stainless steel, silver alloy

<非地方到地方 Non-Places to Places _ 瓦倫西亞> 2019,黃銅、不銹鋼

<Non-Places to Places _ Valencia> 2019, brass, stainless steel

<非地方到地方 Non-Places to Places _ 和平島 (薩爾瓦多城) > 2019,黃銅、不銹鋼

<Non-Places to Places _ Peace Island (El Salvador)> 2019, brass, stainless steel

<非地方到地方 Non-Places to Places _ 領域 > 2019,黃銅、銀合金、不銹鋼

<Non-Places to Places _ field> 2019, brass, silver alloy, stainless steel